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Pack Accommodation + Hiking

Enjoy Tenerife’s best hiking routes with your guide from Tabaiba Guesthouse.

Save time and money

Choose your base camp in a small family run guesthouse. Explore the beautiful surroundings with your host and professional guide and share your experiences with other walkers.

Just two steps to plan your walking adventure:

  1. Book your bed and breakfast at Tabaiba Guesthouse.
  2. Book the number of walks you would like to do.

Discover Tenerife with us

Already booked your accommodation? Then all you need to do is add your walking routes.

Put together your own personal walking package. Don’t worry about the logistics, just let us guide you and enjoy nature.

Experience an unforgettable time in the beautiful north of Tenerife with your hosts Karin and Sergio!

Hiking level

Easy to moderate mountain walks, requiring good health and fitness, with walking times of 3 to 6 hours. Tenerife is a volcanic island, with steep slopes and great differences in altitude in the space of a few kilometres. You will walk through Canary pine forests, laurel forests, rural areas and areas where there have been recent volcanic eruptions. The walks are always adapted to the physical ability of the group, with the aim of enjoying nature in a sustainable way and respecting the way of life of its inhabitants.

Hiking guide Sergio

“On my favourite routes I will take you to the most beautiful and remote corners of the island and introduce you to our Spanish culture. Far away from the mass tourism, breathtaking vegetation, rugged mountains, lava fields and villages with hospitable inhabitants await you – discover the natural beauty of Tenerife with me.”

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