Natural Pools in Tenerife North

If you fancy a refreshing dip in the sea, the natural pools in…
La Laguna City Centre Tenerife

Cultural Hike on Tenerife North

Nature, culture and hiking can easily be combined in the green…

Cycling in Buenavista del Norte

Cycling in Buenavista del Norte is sporty, healthy and a climate-friendly…
Masca Village

Masca Gorge: latest news

Until the 1960s, the picturesque mountain hamlet of Masca was…
Coastal Path with Mount Teide View

Trail in Buenavista del Norte

Fancy a seaside walk with salty breeze, mild climate and fantastic…
Punta de Teno Tenerife

Traveler’s Guide to Punta de Teno

Punta de Teno is a small, rocky headland that forms the northwestern…
Tabaiba Plant

How we came up with the name Tabaiba Guesthouse

How to name our business? Finding the right name for your own…

7 reasons to stay in our hostel in Tenerife

One of the first things that travellers tend to consider as…
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