Discover this authentic area of Tenerife

Our region is considered an insider tip far away from mass tourism where you experience the real life of Tenerife with local people. Remote and well connected to the rest of the island, you can reach fast many interesting places and beautiful beaches from our guesthouse even without the need to go by car.

Buenavista del Norte

Located in the northwesterly-most-point of Tenerife, a mountainous area with lush vegetation, rugged coast and quaint villages. Its countryside is among the most virgin of Tenerife. 80% of the municipal area is a nature reserve, like Teno Rural Park with 8.063 hectares of stunning rural and marine landscapes. The pleasant climatic conditions invite for outdoor activities. In summer, temperatures reach 20-25°C (rarely over 30°C), in winter between 17 and 20°C. In contrast to the high summer temperatures of the Mediterranean, the weather here is mild thanks to the refreshing Atlantic breeze.

Buenavista del Norte is a beautiful and peaceful village where it is easy to get in contact with the locals and their traditions. Despite of being a small village you will find everything you need in your holiday: cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacy and petrol station. Charming streets and historical buildings invite for a stroll. The market square is a social meeting point for both tinerfeños and visitors. Weekly farmer markets, musical performances and events of any kind take place there.

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Iglesia Buenavista del Norte


Idyllic mountain village located in the heart of the Teno Rural Park. Famous for its ravine in a beautiful rural landscape of Canarian palm trees, agaves and typical architecture. A dream destination for every landscape photographer. Enjoy a walk through one of the most beautiful hamlets of the Canary Islands or do a hike down the gorge between huge volcanic walls.

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From Buenavista del Norte you reach Masca in 30 minutes by car or by bus (lines 355 and 365). The well trained can also go there by bicycle or hiking.

Places to Visit Masca Tenerife

Punta de Teno

At the northwestern point of Tenerife, from here you can contemplate one of the most impressive unspoilt landscapes of the island, with the best views of La Gomera, La Palma and Los Gigantes cliffs. Take your swimsuit or snorkel equipment with you! Being the place with the longest daylight hours, you will enjoy unforgettable sunsets.

The access by private car is restricted. Public bus line 369 operates daily every hour between Buenavista del Norte and Punta de Teno.

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Places to Visit Teno Lighthouse Buenavista

The northern coast offers beautiful beaches to swim and relax

Visit one of the beautiful small bays and wonderful little coves to be found all along the whole north coast. Volcanic eruptions have given rise to unusual shapes, creating lovely sea water pools with crystal clear water, ideal for swimming or snorkeling.

Las Arenas Beach, Buenavista del Norte

Beautiful, small beach that is located close to Tabaiba Guesthouse. The characterictic micro climate makes it so special, because this small bay has black sand only from June to November and in winter it becomes a stone beach. Popular with surfers because of its nice big waves. Suitable for swimmers but take care of the currents and observe the behavior of the locals.

It takes you about 40 minutes to walk there along an idyllic coastal path (2,7 km). Click here for our blog post “Trail in Buenavista del Norte”

Places to Visit La Arena Beach Buenavista

Los Barqueros Beach, Buenavista del Norte

This is the closest bay to Tabaiba Guesthouse, a wild rocky beach that is popular by locals. Some of our guests jogged there in the morning to enjoy a wake up swim in crystal clear water. Only recommended when the sea is very calm. The unguarded bay is approximately 1 km away from us.

Places to Visit Los Barqueros Beach Buenavista

Lava Pools, Garachico

The most famous sea pools of Tenerife, a series of lava rock pools and sea channels where swimming is a unique experience. There’s a pool for everyone from shallow affairs to deep plunge pools as well as a sunroof, changing cabins and a varied gastronomic offer around.

Bus line 363 runs every 30 minutes between Buenavista del Norte and Garachico (9 km).

San Marcos Beach, Icod de Los Vinos

One of the most peaceful beaches in northern Tenerife, shaped like a sea shell and protected from the strong waves that typically assail most beaches in the north. Made of black volcanic sand and with all amenities you need for a relaxed beach day, including showers, sun loungers to hire and restaurants with terraces overlooking the sea.

Bus line 362 runs every hour from the main bus station in Icod de Los Vinos to the beach (travel time 10 minutes).

Places to Visit Playa San Marcos Beach

El Socorro Beach, Los Realejos

This wide volcanic sand beach is the most famous in northern Tenerife for surfers. It has a restaurant and a surf school with board rental service. At any time of the year, you should take special care with the currents.

You can access the beach by car along the main North Road (C-820), where a signposted turn-off will lead you all the way down to the coast. Bus line 363 connects Buenavista del Norte to El Socorro in 1 h 15 min.

Places to Visit El Socorro Beach Tenerife

Not far from Buenavista are great places to explore


Once the wealthiest town on Tenerife, Garachico was engulfed in lava by an eruption in 1706. Walking through its cobbled streets and squares is the best way to discover this historic village. Garachico has a lot of nice restaurants and terraces and every now and then colourful music or theatre festivals take place.

Bus line 363 runs every 30 minutes between Buenavista del Norte and Garachico (9 km). A nice coastal path leads to the village as well as a bike trail through tropical banana plantations. For more info click our blog post “Cycling in Buenavista del Norte”

Teno Alto

Remote hamlet of the Teno Rural Park, a relic of the customs and traditions of former times. Its traditional houses, small square and chapel are part of a vast landscape of farm terraces and fields with goat farms. Famous for its peasant character, its gastronomy and popular festivals. Taste its exquisite cheese and goat meat with a wine from El Palmar valley!

There is no bus connection to Teno. You can access by car in 30 minutes, by bicycle or on a nice hike. Read the description of the trail in our blog post “Traveler’s Guide to Punta de Teno”

Icod de los Vinos

Here is where the Millenary Dragon Tree stands (Dracaena draco), which was declared a National Monument in 1917 and is believed to be 800 years old. From here you have one of the loveliest views of Mount Teide, Spain’s highest peak. The historic-artistic heritage of the old town and a varied commercial offer make this municipality worth a visit.

Bus line 363 takes you every 30 minutes directly from Buenavista del Norte (16 km).

Icod de los Vinos

La Orotava

Located in the middle of the valley of the same name, the city stands out for its perfectly preserved constructions, which has led to the town center being declared a Historic Artistic and World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its streets are dotted with buildings of great beauty, the typical carved wooden balconies adorn the facades of their traditional houses. Numerous terraces invite you to taste tapas and local wines. Visit one of the 10 water mills of the 16th century where the famous Canarian Gofio (toasted grain flour) was made. Today two are still in use.

La Orotava is 39 km from Buenavista del Norte and you can get there in one hour by bus connecting with Icod de Los Vinos.

La Orotava

La Cueva del Viento, Icod de Los Vinos

Experience a guided visit of the world’s largest lava tubes (18 km). A huge labyrinthine network of underground passages, many of which being still unexplored.

The difficulty of the tour is intermediate and it takes 2 hours. You will spend approximately 45 minutes inside the cave exploring some 250 metres (800 feet) of tubes. Information and reservation on

La Laguna

Once the capital of the island, it is a perfectly preserved historic city and UNESCO World Heritage where palaces, old mansions and characterful buildings sit cheek-by-jowl with tapas bars, antique shops and bookstores. They say the Spanish practised and perfected their colonial architectural styles here, before spiriting them off to the New World and it certainly evokes places in South America. Stroll and eat some delicious churros with hot chocolate!

La Laguna is 65 km from Buenavista del Norte and you can go by bus connecting from Icod de Los Vinos (1 h 45 min).

La Laguna Tenerife

Get to know Tenerife’s history and culture

Our favorite museums


Eat where the locals eat! Guachinche is a simple restaurant located in the former garage of a typical Canarian winegrower’s house in the northern Tenerife. They offer traditional homemade food at an affordable price, to accompany their homegrown or local wine. We recommend you to visit some in La Orotava valley, El Sauzal, La Matanza de Acentejo, La Victoria or Santa Úrsula.

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Places to Visit Guachinche Tenerife

Explore unique spots far from the crowds

Tabaiba Guesthouse gives you the opportunity to reach fastly the most beautiful and authentic places in the north of Tenerife. Choose Buenavista del Norte as a starting point to discover them.

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