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Natural Pools in Tenerife North

If you fancy a refreshing dip in the sea, the natural pools in Tenerife north are a great alternative to the fine sandy beaches of the south. The sea and volcanic activity have created a landscape of sharp, black rock, with pools of crystal clear water and a colourful sea bed. In other words, the […]

Cultural Hike in Tenerife North

Nature, culture and walking are easy to combine in the green north-east of the largest of the Canary Islands. In the following article we suggest an inspiring cultural hike in Tenerife North. This wonderful mixture of sport and sightseeing will take you to the heart of the Canary laurel forest in the Anaga Rural Park, […]

Cycling in Buenavista del Norte

Cycling in Buenavista del Norte is a sporty, healthy and climate-friendly way to discover the northwest of Tenerife. The area offers a wide variety of landscapes, from stunning coastlines to subtropical mountains and charming villages. In short, the region offers scenic tours with interesting destinations. In the following article we present the most beautiful cycling […]

Masca Gorge: latest news

Until the 1960s, the picturesque mountain village of Masca could only be reached on foot or by donkey. Today it is well connected to the rest of Tenerife by road. Winding roads lead to exciting hairpin bends and narrow corners. The journey takes you through deep ravines covered in lush green vegetation. Once you reach […]

Trail in Buenavista del Norte

Fancy a walk by the sea with a salty breeze, mild climate and fantastic views? This trail in Buenavista del Norte in the northwest of Tenerife is a real insider tip. You will meet very few tourists as you explore the rural surroundings of Buenavista del Norte. Start from the historic town centre and walk […]

Traveler’s Guide to Punta de Teno

Punta de Teno is a small rocky headland that forms the north-western tip of Tenerife. Punta de Teno in Tenerife is one of the oldest parts of the island. The promontory is of volcanic origin and was formed about 10 million years ago when lava streams flowed into the sea and eventually turned to stone. […]

How we came up with the name Tabaiba Guesthouse

How do we name our business? Finding the right name for your project is not easy. Our rural hostel, Tabaiba Guesthouse, is made up of two words that represent the core values of our business philosophy: Our love for Tenerife’s nature and our warm guest service. Read this article to find out more about the […]

7 reasons to stay in our hostel in Tenerife

One of the first things that travellers tend to consider when planning their next trip to Tenerife is the type of accommodation. Having a nice place to sleep at night is pretty important, especially when you are far from home or even in a foreign country. Staying in a cosy and friendly hostel in Tenerife, […]

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